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In hyper-competitive business environments those enterprises that are able to come up with new ideas, unique products and services will survive and succeed.  Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation; higher creativity leads to more innovation.


Our reative ecosystem audit is designed to capture and assess your organisation's current innovation capacity through gaining an understanding of 'where you are now' and 'where you want to be' and bridging the gap. We do this by assessing the processes, practices, attitudes, behaviours, skills and motivation of your organisation to support, capture and leverage the ideas and opportunities available to you.   

We help you build the creative culture you want with a solid innovation capacity.

Creative Innovation Management System.  


This consists of;

Assessment of current innovation management system and innovation pipelines in place.

Conversations with the leadership team. Interviews with staff from across the organisation

Anonymous questionnaires.

Site visits. (where possible under current Covid rules and proximity)

Established protocols, methods and incentives

Reporting on findings.


Introduction to Innovation Management System (IMS) approach.

Training and CPD assessment and planning

'Future State' strategic planning.

Workspace Design 

Sustained Support.

Even the best companies must reinvent themselves again and again to survive.  Innovation is in some ways a pseudonym for change or transformation. It is only through constant evolution that our businesses will survive and prosper.


Therefore, it is critical for any business to put innovation at the core of its activities, in order to survive in the long-term. 


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The Imagine Bureau is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.