Workshops & Projects.

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Our workshops and projects are your workshops and projects!  Designed to meet your outcome requirements we aim to ensure that you get what you need from each activity and get a great return on your investment.


Guided by expert facilitators you and your teams will learn powerful creative thinking and innovation techniques and processes, get great ideas from ideation workshops and learn powerful methodologies to help you innovate consistently and successfully. 


Workshops & Design Projects.

Managing Innovation

In this workshop, our Innovation Facilitators give participants the mindset and tools that drive successful innovation for the long­term. Through best practices for innovation problem­solving, participants learn a wealth of tangible, simple techniques for igniting and sustaining a culture of innovation within their organization

Creative Thinking for Projects

If you need new products, services or to solve stubborn problems with real energy and break down old ways of thinking then this is the workshop for you.  You will work with an experienced facilitator who has bespoke designed an imagination workshop with your project, team and goals in mind.  Watch out though, you could end up further down the innovation rabbit hole than you expected. 

Innovation & Creativity. Teams Working Together.

You and your team are introduced to the world of creative thinking, its methods, mindsets and outcomes.  Used by successful companies across the globe from Apple to Pixar you will learn the fundamental principles for creating the right climate, understanding that creativity is a process and communication is key.  This workshop is a game-changer! 

Design Project

Imagine Bureau can work closely with you to design, build and get to market new products, services and experiences for you valued customers.  We can help you with new customer discovery and test new markets with your current offers or new ones.

We use a design thinking approach that we then try to integrate into the whole company so you can repeat the process consistently and successfully as you grow.

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.

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The Imagine Bureau is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.