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One lesson,

One technique 

One hour. 

Develop one real-world technique in one hour with Imagine Burèau's accelerated learning sessions. If you need innovation to be 'up-front and centre' of what you do, there is nothing better than having a team of people that have the skills and confidence to find it, support it and make it happen. Experience techniques that can seriously change the game.


One hour to power. 

Radically change the way you work with 10, 1-hour creative thinking and innovation courses that build skills without you checking your watch.

This is our introduction to the innovation process starting with the basics to creative thinking, innovation management and how they have huge impact on the business.

The importance of looking and being sensitive to your environment both internally and externally will enable you to spot threats, find new opportunities and improve the routine activities that you do through deep insights that prompt questions to be answered. 

Spending time getting a solution for the wrong problem takes up time and money. Assuming you are answering the right question can also limit the potential of the 'idea space' and result in poor outcomes.  Learning to get to the right question is a key component of starting the innovation cycle.

In this learning session we will have a look at the creative diamond. Divergent and convergent thinking is the real key to generating lots of really powerful ideas and when the process is managed properly and ideas captured you will find yourself in a unique position.

Wishes, H2’s and WIBCI’s.

Wishing is a powerful way to generate ideas and a starting point for innovative outcomes.  Learning the techniques that are used by companies like Apple and AirB&B and more allows you to imagine a future state, a solution and then find ways to make them real. 

Build your creative self.

So you want to have a load of ideas?  Great.  

This session is a 1 hour blast to help you understand that you are already creative and we just need to access your creativity.  We do this through looking at why you hold back and ways to breakthrough our barriers. 

This session is bespoke designed for senior managers in the organisation.  Together we look at what an innovation management system is, why it is important and why it can have a major impact upon the success of any business.  This session is key if you don't already have a formal system to innovate across your organisation.

Your business will change as it matures and strives to grow sustainably.  Having an idea of what parts of the business will need to innovate with a long term view is important. Imagination and planning is key to this and we use visual language and gamification to develop a possible innovation strategy. 

Choose a Technique.

In hidsight fantastic ideas seem obvious, but how can you be the person who comes up with those ideas?  This session will introduce you to techniques for approaching problems and finding opportunities in unconventional ways.  You can choose wich ones you would like to try as you build your repertoire of ideation skills.

Group Assessment.

This team activity is an eye-opener!  Do you know what really happens when you work as a team?  This assessment of your team working together on a problem gives powerful insight into personalities, bias, leadership and more.  After this session, you will understand a little more about group dynamics and be able to avoid the highest-paid opinion in the room' syndrome.  Powerful team building stuff.

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.

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The Imagine Bureau is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.