One lesson,

one technique 

one hour. 

Develop one real-world technique in one hour with Imagine Burèau's Accelerated Learning sessions. If you need innovation to be 'up-front and centre' of what you do, there is nothing better than having a team of people that have the skills and confidence to find it, support it and make it happen. Experience techniques that can seriously change the game.


One hour to power.

Radically change the way you work with 10 creative thinking and innovation courses that build skills without you checking your watch.

Asking the right questions means that you will solve the right problems and find new opportunities.  This workshop is all about how questions 'set up' your innovation space and why questions come loaded with information that can both help and hinder.  Use techniques to bypass this and explore where the real treasure is.

Collaborate Creatively.

Working on generating ideas can be tricky, especially when there is a team involved.  This creative team building workshop helps you understand the environment, communication, learned behaviours and responses.  Understand this and it can open the idea floodgates.

Things are what they are right?  No, they are what you think they are and what you assume they should be like.  This session gives you powerful techniques to break this way of thinking and generate ideas that disrupt the current way of doing things and find innovative solutions.

Group Assessment.

This team activity is an eye-opener!  Do you know what really happens when you work as a team?  This assessment of your team working together on a problem gives powerful insight into personalities, bias, leadership and more.  After this session, you will understand a little more about group dynamics and be able to avoid the highest-paid opinion in the room' syndrome.  Powerful team building stuff.

How to Choose Scary Ideas.

So you have a load of ideas, well done.  So how are you going to choose what to do next? Choosing ideas is tricky because teams reject real radical ideas for easily achievable ones and this makes innovating nearly impossible.  Having a strategy and method to choose 'scary ideas' and make them doable is a superpower that drives innovation.

Mini Hits

If you need to get your innovation sessions started with real energy and break down old ways of thinking then this is the workshop for you.  Mini H.I.Ts (High-Intensity Thinking) are sessions where your team can call upon a facilitator to run an ideation session for them virtually.  Time Is short so the sessions can be designed for 30 mins or one hour and will ensure that you have some creative ideas to take away.  Check out our H.I.Ts section. 

Wishes, H2’s and WIBCI’s.

Whishing is a powerful way to generate ideas and a starting point for innovative outcomes.  Learning the techniques that are used by companies like Apple and AirB&B and more allows you to imagine a future state, a solution and then find ways to make them real.  This workshop becomes even more powerful when combined with 'How to choose scary ideas'.  

Visual Language

The world is full of images and often that is how we make sense of it.  Being able to create images of ideas and imagined futures for the company is a great way to share a vision and grow.  This approach is truly powerful and you will be amazed at how you can see over the horizon and plan your journey to success. 

Culture Building

In hyper-competitive business environments those enterprises that are able to come up with new ideas, unique products and services will survive and succeed.  Creativity goes hand in hand with innovation; higher creativity leads to more innovation. Developing organisational cultures that stimulate and promotes creativity and innovation is becoming essential for organisations seeking a competitive advantage.  

Choose a Technique.

In hidsight fantastic ideas seem obvious, but how can you be the person who comes up with those ideas?  This session will introduce you to techniques for approaching problems and finding opportunities in unconventional ways.  You can choose wich ones you would like to try as you build your repertoire of ideation skills.

All our workshops and training is designed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.  Workshops and training programmes are designed to meet your requirements and key objectives.

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