Imagine the Impossible

then make it a great idea!

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Helping businesses imagine their way to amazing outcomes that deliver real innovation to the world.

Imagine. A workshop where you come up with kick-ass new product ideas and services that your customers and clients will love.  Supercharge your product innovation.


Imagine.  You can find ways to save time and money, get out of a rut and grow your business at the same time.  Innovation strategy management at its best.

Imagine. That you have a team of 'intrapreneurs' that think creatively, share ideas and drive innovation across the business, all the time."brainstorming the futue'

Imagine Burèau. 

The imagine bureau helps businesses leverage the power of creative thinking to find powerful ideas that solve problems and create new business opportunities helping to save time and money, grow the business and build an innovative workforce.


We do this by:

Designing and facilitating bespoke 'idea' workshops.


Providing learning and targeted innovation programmes that build a flexible, creative thinking skillset.


Develop innovation management skills, attitudes and strategies that help to build systems and cultures of innovation with impact.

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Imagination is the most powerful and often undervalued skill that you and your teams have.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution."

Albert Einstein.

Great Imagineers

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Imagine Bureau works with you in partnership.  Our aim is to help you develop your own solutions and not be reliant on external consultants telling you what to do.  This we find puts so much more energy into the process and avoids the 'Not invented here' problem.  We know that your business has people with fantastic ideas and we know how to get to them and turn ideas into real-world, high impact outcomes.   

The best way to predict the future is to imagine it and then make it happen.

Call us now and let's get started before somebody imagines it for you

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The Imagine Bureau is an Innovation Consultancy based in Lancashire, in the North West of England.